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Rules & Regulations updated as of 1/3/2019
Handicap Singles and Doubles Events

Northeast Amateur Tournament Rules and Regulations 2019

Below are Rules for our Handicap Singles & Doubles Events.

ANY CHANGES Below will Read: NEW for 2019

  • Participation:

Open to Sanctioned USBC bowling members.  Bowlers who are under the age of 18 may bowl, however MUST submit a signed USBC Parental Consent Form before they will be allowed to bowl. No USBC youth or PBA National Touring players may bowl in this tournament.  *PBA Regional* & *PBA Senior* Card holders may bowl in the N.A.T. Please have your current USBC sanction card with you at the time of registration.

  • USBC Awards:
Honor Scores recognized by the USBC will be submitted for individual’s award.

  • Entering Averages & Handicap:

Current N.A.T. members shall use their tournament/running average.

New members who are entering the tournament must use their current (“19/20”) highest ending sanctioned book average for a minimum of 21 games (or more) to enter.

Bowlers with no current book average for (“19/20”), but have a ("18/19") book average with a minimum of 21 games may bowl with this average, however a standing sheet or league secretary documentation must be provided as proof for the average they are providing.  ((*This average is subject to re-rate when signing up*)).  Tournament Director has the right to re-rate any new bowler's average not being submitted from a current season.

(Regular Season or i.e. (January - December ) Rule:  Bowlers with no current book average for (“19/20”) or no average from ("18/19"), but have 21 games bowled during the current season ("20/21") may bowl with this average, however a standing sheet or league secretary documentation must be provided as proof for the average they are providing.

Bowlers with no sanctioned book average or have less than 15 games during the current season, must bowl scratch. 
Summer league Averages may be used by New members with a current standing sheet with a min of 15 Games bowled, however this average is subject to re-rate at ANYTIME during the tournament by the Tournament Director.
( i.e. - Head to Head Finals)


*Any member who has NOT bowled in a N.A.T. event within ONE YEAR of the current event they are entering MUST enter the tournament with their most current highest sanctioned book average.*

*If  a bowler does not have a current sanctioned book average from 2019-2020 or no current average this season for 15 games, they must enter the tournament SCRATCH and re-establish a NEW 21 Game tournament  average.*


It shall be each bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of their submitted average.  Failure to use the correct average constitutes disqualification of score if the submitted average is lower than the correct average thereby resulting in more handicap.  All bowlers averages will be verified on bowl.com by the tournament.

The tournament director reserves all rights to re-rate or reject any average that does not reflect the ability of the bowler.


  • Sanctioned & Unsanctioned Sport/Modified/Challenge Condition League Average Rule:

New members who enter the N.A.T. with sanctioned sport, modified, or challenge pattern league averages OR bowl in leagues which are NOT sanctioned as sport, modified, or challenge pattern condition leagues WILL have their average adjusted based on the most current USBC average adjustment sheet.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


  • Handicap:

The Northeast Amateur Tournament Handicap Percentage will be based on 80% of 230.

Maximum Handicap per game for all bowlers will be 60 pins.   (NEW FOR 2019)

There is no average cap in the N.A.T., however bowlers entering with an average of 230 or higher, must bowl scratch and will receive no handicap.


  • Qualifying:

All bowlers will bowl 4 games across 8 lanes.

Foul lights will be observed at all times.

Bowlers will skip a number of pairs after each game during qualifying.  (If Available / Director Decision)

Qualifying scores will be based on a 1 out of  5 entry ratio  

Scratch Qualifier/Team is Guaranteed to make the cut on Each Squad.

The "Scratch" Qualifier/Team is taken where the 1 out of 5 RATIO from Entries to Qualifiers Per Squad
is maintained as the base for the tournament.

IE.. 40 Entries would take the Top 7 Handicap Qualifiers First and then
determine the 1 Scratch Qualifier

Each squad will have its’ own separate squad cut.

Bowlers not qualifying via the squad cuts will be combined into an At – Large pool, where remaining qualifiers for the tournament will determined IF FEASIBLE. 


Below is the N.A.T Grid to determine the total number of qualifiers based on entries for the tournament.

Depending on the total entries for the tournament, byes could be given to higher seeded bowlers during the head to head finals.

*Tournaments with 25 Entries/Teams and less will have a Stepladder Finals Format.
This will be Based on Entries for the Day.
This Finals format will be used for BOTH Handicap Singles and Doubles Events

*Tournaments with 26 – 47 Entries/Teams will take a Minimum of 6 and a Maximum of 

                                                               8 Bowlers/Teams for the Head to Head Finals. 

     **NOTE** This will be a Director's Decision based on the Total Number of Entries for the Day.



                      ENTRIES                                   QUALIFIERS                                                          BYES / FORMAT

*25 and Less


*Stepladder Finals

26 - 33


Qualifiers 1 & 2 in Round 1

34 - 47



48 - 67


Qualifiers 1 - 4 in Round 1

68 - 94



95 - 134


Qualifiers 1 - 8 in Round 1 

135 - 164



165 - 204


Qualifiers 1 - 4 in Round 1 & 2
Qualifiers 5 - 16 in Round 1 


  • Tie Scores during Qualifying:

In the event of a tie for the last qualifying position a 2 frame (9th & 10th) roll-off shall be used to determine the final qualifying position.  The bowler/team with the highest single scratch game during qualifying will have starting lane choice.  Bowler/Team with the highest SCRATCH pin fall for the 2 frames will be determined the winner.  Any bowler/team who is eliminated from the last qualifying position by a roll-off shall receive a free paid entry into a future Handicap Singles or Doubles tournament.  (DOUBLES - BOTH bowlers bowl the desired frames during the roll - off.)


  • Head to Head Finals:

All Bowlers who qualify for the head to head finals must present for role call at Approx. 3:15 PM.  Any Bowlers/Teams not present by the conclusion of role call will LOSE THEIR SPOT into the Head to Head Finals and the NEXT QUALIFIER will receive the SPOT.  ** If an AT-Large Cut is Feasible, it is the Bowlers responsibility to remain at the center to see if he or she has made the cut.  Due to the number of people leaving and not waiting for full tournament results before the finals, N.A.T. staff feels it is fair to give the forfeited spot to the next present qualifier. **  No Free Entries will be given to those who lose a spot because they decided to leave.

All head to head finals matches will be one game single elimination style. 

A bowler’s handicap for the head to head finals will be 1/4 of their total qualifying handicap.
(DOUBLES - BOTH bowlers get 1/4 of their total qualifying handicap.)

(*If a bowler had 40 pins during qualifying they would get 1/4 or 10 pins for each game bowled in the head to head finals.*)

The highest seeded bowler/team will bowl the lowest seeded bowler/team in round 1 of the head to head finals.   
* IE..(Qualifier #1 vs. Qualifier #32)*

The N.A.T. tournament bracket will be used to determine who bowls each other in all other rounds.

Higher seeded bowler has choice as to who will start the match.  (DOUBLES - Team starts on Assigned Lane by Seed) 
All matches will begin on the left lane. (Handicap Singles Only)  All head to head finals matches will be “pro – style”. (Handicap Singles Only.)

TIES during Head to Head matches: If there is a tie at the end of any match, a 2 frame (9th & 10th) roll-off shall be used to determine who advances to the next round.  Higher seed has choice of starting lane and decides who will begin the roll – off.  Bowler/Team with the highest SCRATCH pin fall for the 2 frames will be the winner and advance to the next round.
(DOUBLES - BOTH bowlers bowl the desired frames during the roll - off.)

** Bowlers/Team are responsible to write their scores on their score cards. The WINNER of the match will return BOTH score cards to the Tournament Table/Office and receive their next lane assignment. **

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH:  1 Game with 1/4 of bowlers TOTAL qualifying handicap to determine tournament Winner.
(DOUBLES - BOTH bowlers get 1/4 of their total qualifying handicap.)


No spectators are allowed in the bowler’s area during the head to head finals.

Excessive celebrating should be kept at a minimum during the head to head finals.

All head to head finals matches will begin at the same time from the center’s front desk via announcement.



  • Dress Code:

The N.A.T. has no "official" dress code; however we ask that our members please wear a mock or collared shirt with or without their name on the back.   Shorts are allowed.  Please, NO Tank Tops or shirts with Printed Profanity.


  • Entry Fees:

All Entries for the N.A.T. are CASH ONLY.

Regular Handicap Singles First Entry is $65.00 / Re-Entry is ALSO $65.00
Regular handicap Doubles First Entry is $130.00 / Re-Entry is $130.00

Tournament Breakdown: (Linage Varies by House Rate) $11.00 - $12.00 for Qualifying Linage + Finals Linage + $1.00 Per Entry into Strike Jackpot. (Handicap Only) + 2.00 Per Entry into the "DECEMBER 2020 YEAR END TOURNAMENTS" (Handicap Only)  Administration Fee is $7.50 Per Bowler at Handicap S & D Events, $4.50 at Scratch S & D Events.

First time entries have priorities over re-entries. 
Re-entries will be taken on a lane availability basis. 
The maximum number of bowlers on a pair will be held to 6 during any Singles tournament.


  • Squad Times:  (NEW FOR 2019)

The 1st squad will begin promptly at 10:15 AM

The 2nd squad will begin promptly at 1:00 PM


Registration will close 10 minutes prior to the start time of each squad.

Squad 1 – Registration will close at 10:05 AM

Squad 2 – registration will close at 12:35 PM


We ask that on arrival to the squad you are planning to bowl to please sign in as soon as possible.



  • Side Pools & Brackets:    

Optional Handicap Side pool is $10.00

$2.50 per Game / High Individual Game w/ Handicap for Games 1, 2, 3, 4  (High Series w/ handicap will NOT be paid)

Side Pool will Pay 1st and 2nd Place Per Game ONLY with a MINIMUM of 20 Participants Entered.
Less than 20 Side Pool Entrants will only Pay 1st Place.

Optional Handicap Mystery Doubles is $10.00 
 (NEW FOR 2019)
Computer Generated and Will Pay 1 out of 5 Teams during Handicap Singles Events

  • Strike Jackpot 

ALL Bowlers will now be Eligible for the STRIKE JACKPOT.


To win the Strike Jackpot a bowler must throw the Following Strikes:
Game 1 - Frames: 2 - 6 - 9 
Game 2 - Frames: 1 - 4 - 7
Game 3 - Frames: 3 - 5 - 8 
Game 4 - Frames: 1 - 10 - 11 - 12

Verification of ALL Strikes will be done by either Tournament Director. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Only Squads with multiple winners will divide the strike jackpot evenly.

If not won, the Jackpot amount will roll over into the next scheduled tournament.  (Handicap Singles & Doubles Only)

Once won, the Jackpot will start at $10.00


$5.00 scratch and handicap brackets will be offered during qualifying competition.

Brackets will be available at the tournament registration table.


We ask bowlers to sign – up for brackets during their tournament registration to avoid any confusion.

  • Cash Prizes:

Tournaments with a total of 120 Entries will pay a minimum of $1200.00 for first place.

Announcements will be made once any cash payments are ready for pick-up.

Bowlers receiving cash prizes by way of side pools, eliminator, or finals must sign for their winnings.  NO EXCEPTIONS

  • December 2019 Year End HANDICAP Tournaments

The N.A.T. will now hold TWO Year End Handicap Tournament Events in DECEMBER 2019.  The Events will have a Special Entry Fee and $2.00 Per Handicap Singles and Handicap Doubles Entries from the 2019 Calendar Year Schedule will go towards these events.  To be eligible to bowl in the Year End Tournaments, a bowler must have entered 3 HANDICAP Events per the January - November 2019 Calendar Schedule.  Bowlers can bowl either 3 Handicap Singles or 3 Handicap Doubles events to be eligible for Both Events.
Scratch Events will NOT count towards Eligibility.  Bowlers without 3 Handicap Tournaments bowled WILL NOT be allowed to bowl in the Year End Events.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Tournament Average and Re-Rating:

1.)    All bowlers will establish a 21 game tournament average


2.)    Once a 21 game tournament average is established, the bowler will have a running average for all future tournaments.


3.)    Any New member who averages 10 or more pins higher than the entering average they have provided for their first 9 tournament games is subject to be re-rated before they establish a 21 game tournament  average. 


4.)    Bowlers may be subject to be re-rated higher or lower depending on (A) tournament performance,  (B) cashing in the Top 8 positions of any tournament, (C) failing to cash in 3 consecutive tournaments,  or by (D) their 21 game tournament block.  ALL tournament members will be re-evaluated after EVERY 21 game tournament block.  This will be a routine evaluation by the tournament director.


5.)    21 Game Tournament Block:  Re- rated 21 game tournament averages are based on taking the difference of a bowlers entering average and the bowlers 21 game tournament block average divided by 80%.  A bowler’s average could also remain the same as their entering average after their first 21 game tournament block. 

*Since the tournaments handicap is based on 80%, we feel the above is impartial to all members.*


  • Other Rules and Regulations:

USBC rules shall govern all aspects of tournament play, unless otherwise stated.

Tournament Director will handle all disputes that may arise.


Tournament Director has the right to reject any entry or disqualify any bowler who engages in behavior that injures or destroys the reputation or standing of the tournament.  Damaging any bowling centers equipment will not be tolerated and could lead to immediate disqualification. This includes excessive swearing, striking chairs, ball return covers, or scoring consoles.


  • Severe Weather/Cancellation of Tournament:

The tournament directors have the right to cancel any tournament event due to weather circumstances beyond our control.  On a weekend with inclement weather please visit www.natbowlsite.com or email tournament director Jay Mantere at jayDV8@mail.com or Jackie Van Buskirk at mrv813@aol.com for any tournament cancellation information.

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