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Mike Berens & James Birritta defeated Scott Lumb & Eric Jones (463 - 403) with Handicap at Wamesit Lanes in Tewksbury, MA. on July 15, 2018
This was Mike Berens First Win and James Birritta's 2nd Doubles win in back to back events!

Radical Beyond Ridiculous Ball Winner - Tom Michaud
50/50 Raffle Winner - Wilson Hu
DV8 Fun Bag Winner - Mike Masse
$10 N.A.T. Bowling Bucks Winner - Mike Berens


Mark Juliano and James Birritta defeated Mike Sensae Reed and Edwin Grossett (430 - 423) with Handicap at the Brunswick Zone in Lowell, MA. on June 24, 2018.
This was Mark's 1st Title as he has been a Longtime Dedicated Member of the N.A.T. for many years!!  Also, this was Sensae's and Edwin's second straight Championship Match Appearance in back to back tournaments!!



Date: Sunday July 29, 2018

N.A.T. ONE BALL Handicap Singles!

Wamesit Lanes - Tewksbury, MA.


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