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We ask All bowlers who want to bowl together, to please sign up together and we will accommodate the best we can.  The Registration Table WILL NOT "HOLD" Lanes Spots if everyone in your group is NOT present.  This will keep the Sign - up line organized and moving as we strive to get our squads started on time.

Check out our 'Schedule" Page for Upcoming dates for the 2019 - 2020 Season!!

Thank You,
N.A.T. Staff


Tournament Sponsors:

DV8, Brunswick, and Radical Bowling Products 

 Buddies Pro Shop


All N.A.T. members who purchase a bowling ball at www.buddiesproshop.com
and purchase "professional drilling and services"
will receive $25.00 off their drilling service.

Insert Coupon Code NAT25DRILL to receive your discount
on drilling at checkout .


Town Line Luxury Lanes

Date: SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17, 2019

Ratio to make Finals - 1 out of 5
Squad Times - 10:00 AM & 1:00 PM
Entry - $60.00 / Re-Entry - $60.00

( Email Tournament Directors Jay Mantere or Jackie Van Buskirk
at JayDV8@mail.com or mrv813@aol.com for more tournament information. )

Visit our Facebook Page at N.A.T. Bowling for Past Results !



Handicap Singles & Doubles Information for 2019

4 Games across 8 Lanes During Qualifying 

 Separate Squad Cuts 

Lane Condition - Center "House" Shot

Qualifying scores Based on a 1 out 5 ratio

ONE Scratch Qualifier/Team is Guaranteed to make the cut on Each Squad.
The "Scratch" Qualifier/Team is taken where the 1 out of 5 RATIO from Entries to Qualifiers Per Squad is maintained as the base for the tournament.
IE.. 40 Entries would take the Top 7 Handicap Qualifiers First and then
determine the 1 Scratch Qualifier  (Outside of the Handicap Cut)

AT - LARGE to determine remaining Qualifiers for the Day
(If Feasible)

Handicap - 80% of 230 w/ Maximum Handicap of 60 Pins per Game
(per Bowler for Doubles)
230 & Higher Bowl Scratch

** Head to Head Elimination Finals **
Championship Match will be a One Game Match 
During All Handicap Singles AND Doubles Events

2 Qualifying Squads - 10:15 AM & 1:00 PM
  Head to Head Finals TO FOLLOW QUALIFYING

 Singles Entry Fee - $65.00 / Re-Entry - $65.00
Doubles Entry & Re-Entry Fee - $130.00

Current Strike Jackpot



All bowlers are Entered into the Strike Jackpot!

$1.00 from Each Entry Fee goes into the Strike Jackpot

$2.00 from Each Entry goes into the 2019 Year End Handicap Singles and Doubles Event.

$10.00 Optional Handicap Side Pool ($2.50 / High Game w/ Handicap Games 1 - 4)

$10.00 Optional Handicap Mystery Doubles During Singles Events  (Games 1 - 4)

$10.00 Optional "Scratch" Eliminator Pool (Pays 1 out 5 Entries)(Games 1-2-3)

Brackets Available ($5.00 Scratch & Handicap) (Games 1-2-3)

Handicap Side Sweeper Info.

Handicap Doubles Events will have a Singles Sweeper ($30 / Per Bowler)
( This is a Combined Squad Event)

All Bowlers Paid On-Site, Day of the Tournament !


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