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Northeast Amateur Tournament


Snow Potential for this Weekend on Saturday Nt....We Will NOT Cancel this Sundays Event at Striker's East In N.H.....HOWEVER we have CHANGED the SQUAD TIMES to allow bowlers enough time to travel who live in some areas that may get more snow than others. My Staff and I think of Safety First and want everyone who plans to bowl our event to have an ample amount of time to get to the Tournament!!

Thanks to Steve and Mindy Hardy for accommodating and allowing us to move the Squads!

The Squads have been CHANGED to:

SQUAD 1 - 11:00 AM
SQUAD 2 - 1:15 PM

We are looking forward to our NEW 4 GAME Qualifying Format this Weekend and have received many Positive Comments on the 2015 Changes! Please SHARE this Info with your fellow bowlers and friends who may be planning to come to the N.A.T. this coming Sunday!
Everyone Drive Safe and give yourself plenty of travel time!

Thank You,


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NEW FOR 2015 !!!
ALL NEW 4 Game Qualifying Format!

Next Tournament


Date:  Sunday - January 25, 2015
Location: Striker's East - Raymond, NH

Entry Fee - $65.00
Re - Entry - $60.00

Qualifying Squads 
10:15 AM / 12:30 PM
The 1st Squad will now begin at 10:15 AM
Registration will close at 10:00 AM

 ( Email Jay Mantere at Jay.Mantere@gmail.com for more tournament information. )

Visit our Facebook Page at Northeast Amateur Tournament for Past Results !


USBC Sanctioned!

Singles Information

4 Games across 8 Lanes during Qualifying 

 Separate Squad Cuts 

Qualifying scores based on approx. 1 out 5 Ratio

AT - LARGE to determine remaining Qualifiers for the Day
(If Feasible)

Handicap - 80% of 230 w/ Maximum Handicap of 55 Pins per Game
230 & Higher bowl scratch

* Head to Head Elimination Finals *
Championship Match 2 Games with 2x Handicap

2 Qualifying Squads - 10:15 AM & 12:30 PM
  Head to Head Finals TO FOLLOW QUALIFYING

 Entry Fee - $65.00
Re-Entry Fee - $60.00

$10.00 Optional Side Pool with "Progressive" Strike Jackpot

$10.00 Optional "Scratch" Eliminator Pool

Brackets Available ($5.00 Scratch & Handicap)

All Bowlers Paid On-Site, Day of the Tournament !

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