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Join us for our Handicap Singles Event in Malden, MA. at
Town Line Luxury Lanes THIS Sunday - December 17, 2017!




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Malden, MA.

Date: Sunday - December 17, 2017
N.A.T. Handicap Singles
Ratio to make Finals - 1 out of 5
Lane Condition - House Shot
Squad Times - 10:15 AM / 1:00 PM
Entry / Re-Entry - $65.00 / $60.00


Only N.A.T. Handicap Singles Events will have
an Optional Handicap Doubles Sweeper
Sweeper Details below:

OPTIONAL $20.00 Doubles Handicap Sweeper! ($40.00/Team)
Singles Scores count towards Doubles Sweeper Scores
100% Returned to Sweeper Prize Fund
 1 in 5 Entries will Cash in the Sweeper
Bowl with up to 5 Different Partners
Scores Posted AFTER 1:00 PM Squad

 ( Email Tournament Directors Jay Mantere or Jackie Van Buskirk
at JayDV8@mail.com or mrv813@aol.com for more tournament information. )

Visit our Facebook Page at N.A.T. Bowling for Past Results !



Handicap Singles & Doubles Information for 2017

4 Games across 8 Lanes During Qualifying 

 Separate Squad Cuts 

Lane Condition - Center "House" Shot

Qualifying scores Based on a 1 out 5 ratio

(Revised 3/1/17)
ONE Scratch Qualifier/Team is Guaranteed to make the cut on Each Squad.
The "Scratch" Qualifier/Team is taken where the 1 out of 5 RATIO from Entries to Qualifiers Per Squad is maintained as the base for the tournament.
IE.. 40 Entries would take the Top 7 Handicap Qualifiers First and then
determine the 1 Scratch Qualifier  (Outside of the Handicap Cut)

AT - LARGE to determine remaining Qualifiers for the Day
(If Feasible)

Handicap - 80% of 230 w/ Maximum Handicap of 55 Pins per Game
(per Bowler for Doubles)
230 & Higher Bowl Scratch

** Head to Head Elimination Finals **
Championship Match will be a One Game Match 
During All Handicap Singles AND Doubles Events

2 Qualifying Squads - 10:15 AM & 1:00 PM
  Head to Head Finals TO FOLLOW QUALIFYING

 Singles Entry Fee - $65.00 / Re-Entry - $60.00
Doubles Entry & Re-Entry Fee - $130.00

Strike Jackpot
All bowlers are Entered into the Strike Jackpot!
$2.00 from Each Entry Fee goes into the Strike Jackpot
(See Rules Page for Strike Jackpot Info.)

$10.00 Optional Handicap Side Pool ($2.50 / High Game w/ Handicap Games 1 - 4)
Side Pool will Pay 1st AND 2nd Place Per Game

$10.00 Optional "Scratch" Eliminator Pool (Pays 1 out 5 Entries)(Games 1-2-3)

Brackets Available ($5.00 Scratch & Handicap) (Games 1-2-3)

All Bowlers Paid On-Site, Day of the Tournament !


6 Game Scratch Mini Marathon with
Elimination Finals Information For 2017

6 Games Across 12 Lanes

1 out of 5 Entries will make the cut

One Squad Events (See Schedule for Squad Times)

Entry Fee - $80.00

Championship Match will be a One Game Match

Lane Pattern will Vary Every Month (Recreational, Challenge, and Sport)

$6.00 Optional Scratch Side Pool  (Pays High Game for Games 1 - 6)

$10.00 Optional Scratch Eliminator Pool (Pays 1 out of 5 Entries) (Games 3-4-5)

 Brackets Available  ($5.00  Scratch)  (Games 1-2-3) AND (Games 4-5-6)

See Flyer for More Details on our Newsletter Page!!

ALL N.A.T. Participation Rules Apply to
BOTH Scratch and Handicap Events!!
See our Rules Page for More Information!
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